Thursday, January 20, 2011


First off don't forget about the contest we have going on. Add our blog button to your blog and leave us a comment or send an e-mail with your blog address and you could win a $5 coupon. For the code and instructions on adding our button to your blog click here. We will be drawing a winner on Tuesday so add it fast and make sure to let us know!!

Second of all we are getting closer and closer to hitting 500 followers woo-hoo!! We thought with it being such a big milestone we should check with you all for suggestions as to what we should do for a the kit. Just leave a comment with any and every thing you would like and remember if you are not a follower sign up to be so you can get the kit for free.


The Julanders said...

Hey, I did add your button to my blog, but no one even looks at it.... I'm okay with that. :) So no worries on the contest....hope you get lots of response to it.
And when you hit 500 followers you should do a Triathlon kit. :) jk Really any idea you guys come up with would be great...maybe a accessory type kit, you know with cute purses, shoes, jewelry! :)
THANKS for all you guys do.

The Myers AKA Diana said...

I added your button to my blog. I have a small reader base so I hope it helps! I will also post to become followers too to get you to you 500!
Thanks for all the great work!

Dee said...

I am a follower and my suggestion for the kit is stacked papers and borders!

Jackee said...

I am a follower and I love all of your quick pages. It is so much easier for me to use them and not spend the time making my own pages...I'm very slow. Anyway, my suggestion would be lots of quick pages. Congrats on getting so many followers, that is exciting. I love you guys and I'm so glad my sister Chelsea @ winsordigidesigns told me to check out your blog.

Anonymous said...

I love all of your work! What about a boy/girl baby kit or a camping one.

Heidi said...

First, Thank-you for all of the wonderful freebies!!! Wow 500 is getting close. I am sure any kit you do will be great! Since you asked here are a couple ideas: Teeth kit (1st tooth/ missing teeth/dentist visit/brushing teeth/tooth fairy) or maybe Cowboy/girl kit. Cannot wait to see what you decide!