Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Follower Emails

We are just about ready to give out the next free kit for our followers (we're almost at 400!) and have decided we would like to do things a little bit differently from now on. We would like to email all of our followers a coupon code that can be used in our store to grab the kit that we are offering for free.

In order to do that we need your email address. If you are a follower and would like to receive our next kit, Recess, for free, please send an email directly to us at our 2scrappingsisters@gmail.com email address with a subject of "I'm a Follower" and the email address you would like us to send your coupon code to. If you aren't currently a follower, then join up and send us your email.

We are sure to hit 400 within the next couple of days so hurry and email us if you're interested!


Sheila Irish said...

What a generous offer....Thank you!

Cleah said...

Another perks of being your follower! Thank you...; )

Deanna said...

Thank you! email sent! I am definitely a follower!

Diane said...

Hello -

Noticed in your sidebar that you have an icon for Lori's Freebies - wanted to let you know that Lori died several months ago & her family disabled the site.


Kristal said...

Thanks! I have sent an email!